Learn African Drumming in Melbourne with Ray Pereira, one of Australia’s most experienced African Drumming teachers and performers

On Jan 26 2021 Ray was awarded an Order Of Australia Medal for service to the Performing Arts as a Percussionist, Performer and Composer 

Learn African Drumming

Learn African Drumming in Melbourne with Ray Pereira, who is one of Australia’s most experienced African Drumming teachers. Learn to play African Rhythms on the Djembe Drum, Dun Dun Drums (African Bass Drums), Cowbells, Shakers and other Percussion Instruments.

Ray’s students can move from Beginner through Intermediate to more Advanced levels of playing, with a wide range of opportunities to learn, practice and perform.

Weekly classes are held in Footscray, Fitzroy and Brunswick.

Ray’s beginner African Drumming class in the studio
Ray Pereira performing African rhythms on djembe, kpanlogo and conga drums


Ray has established a reputation as one of Australia’s leading percuRssionists and is regarded as an expert in African Drumming and Afro Cuban Drumming styles. Ray will teach you to play a range of African rhythms on the Djembe Drum, Dun Dun Drum (African Bass Drum), Shakers, Bells and other instruments.

Ray is passionate about the music he plays and teaches, and he has designed his courses to help you learn a range of instruments, rhythms and percussion techniques.

Join Ray’s African Drumming Classes

Ray’s extensive study of different styles of drumming has given him a unique ability to explain clearly to people how complex rhythms fit together. Ray and his teachers are able to demonstrate the nuances in the music that will make your lesson one of the highest quality and an enjoyable experience.

Ray and his team of African Drumming teachers invite you to experience making powerful and inspiring music as part of a group, while learning a traditional art form that has been around for centuries.

Join Ray’s African Drumming Classes in Fitzroy, Brunswick and Footscray, and experience the joy of making music in a group with other people who are interested or curious about learning and performing African Drumming.

Ray performing a traditional African Drumming Rhythm called Kuku on Djembe and Dun Dun.

LEARN African Drumming!

Have fun and be challenged to learn and perform African Drumming rhythms in a holistic and authentic way.

Learn a range of traditional rhythms from West Africa and Cuba

Learn to get different sounds from the Djembe drum by learning Djembe Drum Technique

Learn the role of the Djembe Drum as a solo instrument or as a support instrument

Learn the role of the Dun Dun in the African Drumming Ensemble

Learn to play the Dun Dun and play with drum sticks

Learn how the Djembe and Dun Dun interact with each other to produce the rhythm

Learn to play with an authentic feel