Face to Face live classes will start from January 18, 2021

Fitzroy classes

Costs are $120/$100 conc. for a 4 week course. Costs include access to video content of material taught.

Ray Demonstrating Djembe technique

What can you expect from African Drumming classes with Ray?

Benefits for students

Ray Teaching His Beginner Class

Fitzroy Beginner Class

Ray runs his Beginner African Drumming and Intermediate African Drumming classes in Fitzroy on Monday nights.
His Beginner class is for new people who want to try out African Drumming for the first time and for those who may have played a few times before.

Ray will guide you through the basics of African drumming and show you how to get good sounds from the drums. You will enjoy learning about African Drumming, African Drumming rhythms and enjoy playing these rhythms with other people in a small group. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can improve under Ray’s expert guidance.

There is no need for previous experience and you don’t need a drum. Ray will provide you with one for no extra cost.
So just come along and find out why African Drumming classes can be so much fun.

Kpanlogo Drum Class

Fitzroy Intermediate Class

After you have done a few of Ray’s Beginner classes and if you want to improve and be challenged you can join his Intermediate African Drumming Class, which is also held on Monday nights right after the Beginner Class. All those attending Ray’s African Drumming Intermediate classes have been playing for a year or more and have been through Ray’s Beginner classes or have had experience drumming somewhere else.

The intermediate class will build on the rhythms you have learnt already and Ray will teach you some variations to these rhythms. You will also learn new rhythms and start to learn how play some simple solo phrases.

Ray’s Intermediate classes will challenge you to improve your playing and prepare you to progress to more advanced levels of playing.

If you have not drummed with Ray before and want to join the Intermediate Class then please call Ray to discuss how much drumming you have done and how much drumming experience you have. Ray will then advise you on the appropriate class to join.

Ray Explaining to Intermediate Class how the rhythm starts and finishes