Student testimonials

Taran DhillonFootscray class
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I started drumming with Ray in Feb 2019, and have been looking forward to the Tuesday evening classes since then.

He balances between challenging us with new rhythms and also helps us to learn by breaking it down to parts that are easy to pick up.

Ray has a wicked sense of humour so there’s never a dull moment. He also takes a moment during classes wow us with his drumming mastery, which is always a treat!

What’s really special is that he’s a top human being who uses his art and generosity to bring people together in his gigs for students, while also helping out families in Sri Lanka and Ghana. So glad to have crossed paths with him!

Emma SmithBrunswick class
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Ray is fantastic! A phenomenal percussionist, he teaches the most delicious rhythms and breaks them down in such a way that they're easy to pick up.

He's a cool guy – funny, encouraging – and is really attentive to the technique of each individual. I've learned so much from him already and it's only been a couple of months.

Highly recommended teacher, I feel very lucky to be learning with him.

Emma CameronFitzroy class
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If you're a music lover this is the drumming class for you. You won't just cover African rhythms and techniques, you'll also touch on Sri Lankan, Cuban, Brazilian and more. Great teachers and supportive groups
Simone AlesichBrunswick class
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I've been drumming here for a few months now. The classes are great, we learn a lot about music from different parts of (mostly West) Africa and play the djembe as well as other African percussion instruments.

Ray is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher and there's a great group of students too. We always have fun in our classes.

Jane FelicityPerth workshop
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Learning how to drum with Ray is always a pleasure, and a surprise - it's surprising to see what you are capable of. And, most importantly, it is FUN. Always a laugh in class, and support from fellow students when Ray is pushing you to try something new.
Ben YoungFootscray class
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I’ve been studying with Ray Pereira for 1 year now, starting as a complete beginner. I have found Ray's teaching style to be extremely intensive, but digestible, fun and understanding.

I feel he has a way of adapting his teaching techniques to the way different students learn. Every week I am blown away by how much we are able to learn in relatively short periods of time.

Within the year we have learned numerous drum rhythms, bell, dun-dun and drum solo parts and are continuously delving deeper into these rhythms to learn more advanced techniques.

After each lesson I feel a sense of achievement and greater understanding of African percussion and music in general!

Ray Pereira is the BOMB!

Esther RoperFootscray class
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Ray Pereira African Drumming – Soul lifting experience!

My husband and I decided that 2020 would be our year to try new adventures. We were fortunate to find Ray and his 4-week beginner classes of African drumming online.

At first, we thought that this would be a bit of fun and an excellent way to spend more time together. We quickly realised how incredibly fortunate we were to be in a class with Ray with his many years of teaching experience and incredible ability to make everyone feel welcome and inclusive in the class – regardless of skill level.

This class, together with Ray’s teaching style was one of the most soul-enriching experiences of my life. The power of drumming and understanding your own natural rhythm allowed me to feel euphoric after each and every class.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to enrich their lives. I can't thank Ray Pereira enough for his patience, guidance and support with us both through the 4 weeks – we will be forever changed from this experience!

Daniel KeaneFootscray class
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I had a good friend ask me to attend his drumming concert last year. I was really happy that he'd found a djembe teacher near his home. I was excited to attend the concert to see how he was doing in his classes.

I was so blown away when I saw the concert in a band hall in Brunswick. Turns out this teacher Ray, doesn't just teach djembe classes, looks like he fosters a community of people to share with themselves and others through rhythm and dance.

I was so happy seeing everyone perform I just couldn't stop smiling. I thought, this Ray guy, I want to learn from him too. So I signed up for his drum classes the following year.

Turns out I was right, Ray is a master teacher of djembe and rhythms, but he's also a master of letting you know how to see the most within yourself and having confidence to improve. Not just with the drum, but also within yourself.

A great mentor with a big heart. You can tell a great teacher by the community they foster and love, with patience and sharing. I found mine.

David McBurneyFitzroy class
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If you're only ever going to go to one drumming teacher in Australia ... then try Ray. He's the best.
Malcolm TempletonBrunswick class
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Joining Ray’s drumming class has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Over the past year the Brunswick drumming class has become an important part of my week.

Ray’s passion for teaching and his mastery of rhythm, along with that of his teaching staff, is truly inspirational.

Not only has he helped build confidence in my evolving drumming skills, but a confidence that extends to the rest of my life.

Thank you Ray for creating such a special community, a feeling of camaraderie, that I am honoured to be a part of.

Fiona MorrisMusic Teacher and Ray's Student for 7.5 yrs
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Ray doesn't just teach djembe skills. You learn an all round approach to playing African percussion on all instruments which can be applied to other styles.

Classes are spent learning how parts interlock to achieve the right feel - I have particularly learnt a lot about 12/8 cross rhythms.

Ray also gives us the benefit of his performing experience, teaching his approach to soloing e.g when to use placement and when to let rip with fast chops.